We are very pleased that you visit our section on types of the licenses.

Before buying an image you have to decide why you need it.

In order to take our advise our Collaboration no question of the right to use our images in your order we will send you your license

by corresponding acquisition and in the future may prove the legality of your actions on the use of them.

License marriageable you is duplicate license to be stored in our database and matching can be compared with your license in case it is necessary.

Each user has the original number they are attached to the image data, the license holder, expiry date and relevant use the image.

All images and all material showed on the website is protected by the law of copyright protection USA and many more countries signed an agreement on the protection of copyright.

Any use of the image considered in Atlanta. USA in violation of the above mentioned law will be prosecuted. For the case of the claim, all proceedings will be or in nearby towns, or the love of another, at the discretion of the site owner.

Royalty free (RF) license

This license allows you to use the product pictures that you have purchased from our site in the form of digital product pictures and can be used by you in digital form, print or any other type not for commercial purpose

This license does not allow you resell, modify, use part of the image for any reason and for any commercial purpose without permission of the copyright holders as all reserved by him.

Commercial (CL) license

This license allows you to use the product pictures you have purchased from our site in the form of digital product pictures and can be used by you in a digital, print or any other product for commercial purposes and quantity.

Exclusive Rights (ERL) license

This license gives you the right to use the image for any purpose, without any restrictions on time and at your convenience you unnecessarily become the sole owner of this image.

Author assures a transmitted in accordance with this agreement all the sizes product pictures, and all other digital material associated to this image.

Author warrants to remove the picture and is very similar to it (the author himself makes decisions) from all image stocks with all the sinks on which the image was Exposed them.

The author does not bear any responsibility to the purchaser prior to use product pictures

Since the sale of copyright Buyer will defend their rights themselves.


Content may not be rented, sold, given away, leased, sub-licensed or loaned in any way, shape, or form.

Images cannot be publish on products for sale on any print-on-demand distribution sites such as,,,, or other sites that may not be listed.

Converting our raster images to vector images is strictly prohibition.

Examples of restricted uses for all images are: distributing the digital image file for free or for a fee, publishing on items on print-on-demand sites, using the images on customizable products (invitations, templates, etc), templates of any kind, distribution of digitized embroidery files, copyrighting or trade marking the images.

Any usage of the images in any offensive, pornographic, promoting defamation of character or otherwise unlawful is prohibition.

If you are not sure of the legality of the use of the images, please contact us.

If our conditions of restriction do not suit you, familiarize us with your needs and we will try to help you individually.

Only owners may license or re-license these images.

If you are caught using unlicensed images you will be fined (the value of the fine is many times higher of the price for the image, as in it is composed of both, the fine and the costs of litigation)