Royalty free (RF) license

You can use my clipart in a personal or small commercial project

(up to 100 sales) for yourself or a client, but they cannot be resold

or redistributed on their own, or used in a product offered for sale

where the clipart contributes to THE CORE VALUE OF THE

PRODUCT being sold. For example, they cannot be used for

selling on magnets, cups, t-shirts, prints or templates, where they

make up the main value. Please, use extended license if you

need more than 100 sales.

Commercial / extended (CE) license

This CE license grants you, the Licensee, non-transferable right

to make use of the digital design file you acquire. By purchasing

this CL License, you accept and agree to the following conditions.

Please read them carefully and contact me with any questions.


• Use of the designs intended for sale.

• Use of the designs for multiple projects but may not exceed the

use of the design over 5,000 times.

• Use of the designs without providing any credit unless used

unaltered for stickers.

• Use of the designs for unlimited personal and restricted

commercial use detailed in shop policies.

• Use of the designs for marketing materials, logos, and branding.


• Reselling or redistributing items in their original or modified

version as digital product.

• Claiming the digital items as your own.

• Sharing files such as freebies, giveaways or downloads.

• Use of the designs to create stock art, clip art, or any other

digital item.

• Not providing a line of credit and clickable link if used

unaltered for stickers.

Exclusive Rights (ER) license

This ERL license gives you the right to use the image for any

purpose, without any restrictions on time and at your convenience

you unnecessarily become the sole owner of this image.

Author assures a transmitted in accordance with this agreement

all the sizes product pictures, and all other digital material

associated to this image.

Author warrants to remove the picture and is very similar to it

(the author himself makes decisions) from all image stocks with

all the sinks on which the image was Exposed them.

The author does not bear any responsibility to the purchaser prior

to use product pictures

Since the sale of copyright Buyer will defend their rights


If you are not sure of the legality of the use of the images, please

contact us.

If our conditions of restriction do not suit you, familiarize us

with your needs and we will try to help you individually.

Only owners may license or re-license these