About Us

Dear visitors of

I am proud to introduce you my website.

The reason for creating my website is to create the possibility of straight contact with me.

After many years of experience selling images through image stocks (image banks),

I encountered the problem when a buyer does not have the option to contact the artist (copyright owner).

There is an enormous quantity of mini, and macro photos-banks. In addition to that, all of their rules most

frequently confuse and are not intelligible. In essence, they do not let the opportunity to straight contact

the artist (copyright owner). Therefore, I will try to simplify the rules of the using of my images.

(For more information about legal use of the images, go to the "License” link.)

In my website, you can view and download images. If you cannot find an image, you are looking for, I can help you to realist

your ideas,by contacting with me through the "Contact Me” link on top of the tool bar. If you are interested purchase exclusive

right to use on any existing images, you can contact me through the "Contact Me” link for further detail discussion.